Welcome to my new website!

Hey everyone! I started this website as a way to document more of my yoga tips, tricks and videos. I usually post on Instagram, but I find 15 seconds of video time and a small cropped photo doesn’t do some things justice.

Sometimes I might have more to say about a certain product, or a recipe I want to post as well but Instagram is just not meant for that sort of stuff. So born is a new website, which I designed myself using the help of WordPress and Tora. I hope to update often with thoughts and photos, maybe some cool collaborations.

Yoga has opened a door of possibilities for me and it has only just begun.

Take a look around my website and feel free to check out some other places online I like to hang out below! 😉

@asanavanessana – a collection of yoga, health and lifestyle

@sublimelimes – Travel, art, code, design, love, food, LIFE

vanessabadran.com – where I make cool things for the interwebz!

That’s all for now folks!

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