I did it – YTT 250 over and out!

Yes! I did it, I finished my 250hr YTT at Yoga Tree in Toronto!! It was an amazing experience and although I was overwhelmed at first, it slowly just all made sense and I am so happy I made the decision to finally jump in and start training. My training was all day Saturday and Sunday, spread out over 3 months. I’m really happy I took it this way rather than the intensive one month program because with all the new things we were learning and the homework, weekdays were much needed to fully absorb it all.

I was grateful that my program covered many things: anatomy, ashtanga, hot yoga, restorative, yin, prenatal, philosophy, kids yoga. I had the time to go through each practice and have an experiences teacher guide me through it. I learned that kids yoga is actually really hard and probably not for me lol!


It was great to brush up on my anatomy as well. I did the basic highschool science and biology courses, but this experience was totally different than that. I was immersed in the body and how it functions, and completley drawn to learning more about it. We applied the things we learned about muscles and bones to yoga poses as well and the benefits of each. It was so helpful.

The main thing I loved about this program was all of the hands on adjustments and teaching they had us do. There were os many teaching exercises from the start, like day one, really! We had just learned Surya Namaskara A + B and were asked to try and teach it to the class. That would have been so nerve wracking but my classmates were amazing – we all clicked and and worked together well. The exercises became harder during the end, teaching a full class to someone, or guiding one person at the front into a pose. The best thing is that we really had the chance to see the growth in each person. By the end of the program, everyone was teaching so much better and our voices grew and sounded more confident as we added our own styles.

I’m amazed at how much I learned and how much I have grown mentally and physically. I have discovered a better me and one that makes me happy, and I’m thrilled to see all the opportunities that have come about already! My chaturangas are stronger than ever as well, so that’s pretty cool too. It’s a wonderful way to start off the new year.

I am scheduled to teach my first class at Yoga Tree, it is a hot yoga class at 3:30 on January 30th! Join me if you’re free 😉



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  1. Serena
    Serena says:

    Hi Vanessa, I’m your follower on Instagram and I really love your picture, you are a great inspiration for me.
    Unfortunately in my town there’s no yoga classes that coincide with my availability of working hours,so I started my yoga journey with online classe and some tutorial on Instagram. I really hope to see your online classes one day!! Have you ever thought about it? kisses from Italy.

    • vanessa
      vanessa says:

      Hi Serena! Aww that is so amazing to hear <3 thank you so much. I hope to have online classes soon!! I'm starting to work on my Youtube 😉

  2. Judy Heissler
    Judy Heissler says:

    Hi I just discovered you! I have a question. I took a 200 hour yoga training through our local Y a year ago. ( yoga 21/2years) . I’ve had a lot of opportunities to volunteer to teach over the past year and I’ve absolutely loved it. I’m 60 years old this year and I definitely want to go deeper in my training.. it’s essential.
    My question is what is the difference and value of YTT as compared to RYT ??…. I’m not sure where to go in my journey from here. Thank you -Judy Heissler—[email protected]


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