Hey! My name is Vanessa, and I’m the yogini behind asanavanessa.

I first started yoga as a way to gain strength and core muscles to support my oddly super natural flexible body. As I started to gain the strength I needed to support myself, yoga felt less like working out, and more like a rewarding experience. Achieving asanas I thought my body could never attempt is a satisfying feeling as well as the ease it brings to the mind as you focus on clearing your thoughts and balancing.

I started my journey October 2015, and I have learned so much and met so many people through a wonderful social media following on Instagram. I’m starting this blog to further document an HONEST approach to yoga, and help share any tips and tricks I have and lifestyle products I like with other fellow yogis.

Take a look around, and shoot me a message if you would like to chat!

The very first yoga photos above! 🙂