Toronto Yoga Conference 2016

I had the pleasure of attending the Toronto Yoga Conference this past weekend and for my first time ever, it was amazing. I must admit, it was a bit overwhelming seeing all the brands and goods there but the amazing part is a lot of the exhibitors have samples and you can try before you make a purchase. Of course everything was so good, it was a bit hard to control myself when it came to buying everything!

There were so many things to sample and see, many yoga mat brands including Manduka, Jade and BYoga Mat! They have an amazing program at the show where you can bring in an old mat to get $10 off any new mat in the show! Below is some of my haul from the show.


My boyfriend loves these coconut chips from Grace, we even went back on Sunday and bought more. They are really interesting and tasty, they have the exact consistency¬†of a chip but once its crushed down and a bit wet in your mouth, you can really taste and feel the coconut-y texture! We also sampled so many juices from the show but settled on this delicious and zesty raw organic juice from Revitasize. I can’t remember what all the ingredients in this drink are, but I believe it has spirulina and grapefruit in it. ¬†The rest are free goodies like tasty hemp hearts and fruit chewys.

We also went back on Sunday again to buy the tastiest blueberry juice from Van Dyke’s. This juice is made from wild blueberries in Nova Scotia and it was so rich and full in flavour. We drank a whole bottle the first day! It is also advised to use this instead of orange juice for your mimosa in the morning hehehe.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris from Yoloha Yoga as well. This booth was one of my favourites for its eco friendly vibe. Everything is made from cork! They have water bottles, yoga blocks, yoga wheels, paddle board liners, yoga towels and more, all made form cork!! They also have such cute designs printed on to the products for a little artistic touch.

The Yoloha booth was fun, and I finally got to touch and feel the amazing cork products they have. I even got to try a wheel for the first time ever! It was so incredible, I definitely need to buy a wheel at some point soon – I can see so many benefits to having one. This booth was so cool that it was pretty busy the whole time I was there, I would have stayed and busted more moves on the cork yoga mat and probably attempted a handstand with that beautiful wheel if it was emptier.

I stumbled across a huge Karma sign set up at the Flow Active booth and ran over immediately . I finally got to see the whole collection in person and I must say I am SO proud to be a Karma Activist! The collection is gorgeous and the quality is amazing. This year they launched¬†their new¬†KarmaLuxe‚ĄĘ line!¬†The¬†latest signature innovation fabric,¬†designed and engineered specially for Karma Athletics by a premium Italian¬†Oeko-Tex¬ģ certified fabric mill.¬†You can tell it looks different upon first inspection, it looks very neoprene and sturdy. Once I put those leggings on, I felt so ready to bust a move as it completely¬†stretched around my body¬†perfectly. I thought it looked thick but this fabric is so unique that it actually isn’t once it is on. I even had to get a size XS because the pants fit so beautifully and not thick at all! They are definitely compression pants, but I personally enjoy that in my workout leggings because it feels like ‘nothing will fall out’ haha! I typically buy workout wear for not only yoga, but also zumba and longboarding as well and these pants would¬†work so well for everything. The Evelyn Bra was so snug and had such a cute design in the back! I need to write another blog post about Karma because there is too much to say about them!

Karma Athletics

Printed Allyson tight in black glass shatter, size XS. And the Evelyn Bra in Charcoal, size S. Use the coupon code AsanaVanessana10 for and amazing 10% discount with Karma!



They also had so many other amazing new prints and designs for bras and tops. This is one collection to check out! You can see it all at and use the discount code AsanaVanessana10 for an amazing 10% everything!

After almost exploding from all the healthy quinoa, granola, juice samples, we decided our time at the show was well spent and we should probably head home to sleep the excitement off (or eat more goodies).

We decided to take the Toronto PATH, or try to at least, and found so many places to stop drop and yoga!

How trippy are those carpets? I need to go back and do some more yoga there, I was too pooped to do more than this!

Can’t wait for the show next year, I had so much fun – thank you Toronto yoga Conference for having me!!

Bunnies and ZEN

As a newbie to yoga, I seem to be missing a lot of accessories, props and gear that I need to help with asanas or problems like SWEATY PALMS! I entered a giveaway on Instagram for Bunnies and Zen Yoga Accessories to win a new yoga towel, and by surprise I won! It really is incredible that I did because I have been eyeing this yoga towel for a while, there are such cute designs!

This is a fun loving company full of bright ideas and designs, which is what attracted me to them in the first place. I received my yoga towel in the mail after learning I won, and it came with the cutest origami bunny (pictured in the photo above), which I thought was a nice touch.

After feeling the towel for the first time, it felt really silky, but not a slippery kind of silky because the texture is a bit rough in a way. This had me hopeful for an actual NON SLIP yoga towel because I have felt some that were just too silky and soft and no matter what, it would always be slippery. After laying it out on the floor and playing around for a few minutes, the familiar sweaty palms started to kick in. What amazes me with this towel is the sweatier my hands got, the more grip the towel had.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Playing around with some split variations and forearm stands on my new Bunnies and Zen yoga towel!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Overall this yoga towel is incredible, and with so many designs to choose from that aren’t your typical lotus flowers and rainbows style. I’m so happy I received this towel and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a truly absorbent, no-slip yoga towel.

Check out Bunnies and Zen online or @bunniesandzen_yoga_accessories on Instagram <3



Yoga on the roofs of Toronto

What happens when one of the coolest Toronto photographers, @thrumikeslens (Mike), wants to do a sky high shoot that is basically once in a lifetime? You say HECK YES and collaborate! Seriously, I never thought Instagram could bring so many opportunities to meet cool creatives from around my city, and this one was definitely one to check off the bucket list.

I follow Mike on Instagram and his feed is crazy good. He takes a lot of daring roof top photos, and after a few comments here and there, a roof top¬†photoshoot¬†date was set up. I can’t thank him enough for taking me where most people can’t go. Check out some of the photos from the shoot below, it was really so much fun trying to get to the top of this building, and almost had a run in with security but all good ūüėČ

Behind the scenes photos taken by my wonderful boyfriend Martin, and the rest are by the talented @thrummikeslens Check him out!



It was SO windy but it all looks so surreal once you are up there. I really thought I would be pooping myself, but it looks so fake so high up!


yoga on a roof (3 of 28) yoga on a roof (21 of 28)

Hope you enjoy the photos! Maybe there will be a @thrumikeslens X @asanavanessana collaboration again! ūüėÄ

Leggings by k.deer <3

Welcome to my new website!

Hey everyone! I started this website as a way to document more of my yoga tips, tricks and videos. I usually post on Instagram, but I find 15 seconds of video time and a small cropped photo doesn’t do some things justice.

Sometimes I might have more to say about a certain product, or a recipe I want to post as well but Instagram is just not meant for that sort of stuff. So born is a new website, which I designed myself using the help of WordPress and Tora. I hope to update often with thoughts and photos, maybe some cool collaborations.

Yoga has opened a door of possibilities for me and it has only just begun.

Take a look around my website and feel free to check out some¬†other places online I like to hang out below! ūüėČ

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That’s all for now folks!

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