Fit Booty Body – Cocoa Scrub

There’s nothing better than a shower after a long, intense workout. One of my favourite shower items has to be a body or face exfoliant of some sort. I love exfoliating at least once a week to scrub off dead skin and it leaves me feeling light and fresh after a sweaty workout. Sometimes I will use a harsher exfoliant like a special towel, but every now and then I will treat myself to a creamier scrub.

I tried out Fit Booty Body Cocoa scrub and loved how sugary and oily the crystals felt. It was like smoothing a cream with beads over my skin and it just melted in making it nice and easy to scrub my skin. Sometimes I find exfoliants are a bit harsh but this one feels like melted butter with sugar crystals on your body. I would say it’s even great for kids who would find most coffee scrubs very hard to handle on the skin.

Fit Booty Body would be perfect for someone who has sensitive skin! The ingredients are natural and it’s a very nice light exfoliant. I also can’t help but want to eat the scrub LOL! It smells so fragrant of cocoa and just looks like I could use it as an ingredient to bake with!


Check out their website which is launching soon with products! They also have a Fit Booty Body giveaway happening where you can sign up to win a free sample of FBB scrub!!

Check out their Instagram feed for some more inspiration!

The most buttery cream ever

I’m talking about handcrafted Parkdale Butter from Toronto! This stuff was a serious lifesaver on my last trip to Prague and Germany. I wrote a recent blog post about my MUST HAVE travel products, and I was right about Parkdale Butter being absolutely mandatory.


My skin was so dry when I landed, I plopped a tiny bit of my absolute favourite Espresso Face Balm and it immediately absorbed into my skin in the most silky way. The Vitamin E in the soy butter helps to regenerate skin cells, and heal any visible abrasions. I had a few tired wrinkles and they immediately disappeared after hydrating with this delicious face balm. For real, I say delicious because the Espresso flavour really wakes you up in the best way possible! It just looks like a buttery coffee treat… but it’s not – don’t eat it 😉


This is my top recommendation for Parkdale Butter, if you are placing an order – MAKE SURE THIS IS IN YOUR CART!!!! I actually don’t think I can live without this stuff. I use it daily. Before I put on my makeup and sunscreen. After a shower. Before I got to sleep. The best part is that it’s so buttery you only need a tiny bit to moisturize your entire face. My skin is honestly glowing every time i apply this balm.

The CocoaNut body butter had it all! Moisture and SPF. This was so incredible to apply before heading out for long walks. The tan on my legs was brought out more by the thin shiny coat of chocolate and coconut. The best way to apply this was to put a small amount in the palm of my hand and let it melt a bit. It turns more into an oil this way and is much easier to smooth out. the coconut is a solid cream so it needs a bit of heat to let it go back to its oily state. You can apply it directly on to super dry skin and let it warm up there for more moisture.


Sometimes I felt like my skin had a bit too much of a frying session outside and I needed something even more soothing like Aloe to help with the redness. The Mocha Tightening Lotion was super thick and did wonders for my tired skin after a long day. This stuff is good to apply a couple of hours before heading to bed. It’s a bit too thick to put on right before bed, you will definitely feel ALL the moisture. But absorbs fully in an hour or so. I put it mainly on my elbows and knees, and they become brighter overnight.


Last was my cute little tin of organic Peppermint lip butter. ERMAGERD this stuff saved my lips on the flight!! I felt them getting dry about 2 hours into the flight and was so happy I packed this as one of my ‘easy reach’ plane items. It sat beside me the whole trip.

So far these have been my every day go to items.  Seriously, go check out Parkdale Butter.

And if there is one thing you must get, its the Espresso face Balm. FAN FOR LIFE!

The journey to handstand!

Most who follow me on Instagram know I’m super flexible, but the one thing I wish I could do is the ultimate yoga asana, a handstand or Adho Mukha Vrksasana.

(ah-doh moo-kah vriks-SHAHS-anna)

adho mukha = face
downward (adho = downward, mukha = face)
vrksa = tree

There are so many prep poses for this body strengthening asana that I am trying to master first, like headstand and forearm stand. I have my hand stand down, but I just can’t hold past 10 seconds in a forearm stand now, so I know my journey to handstand is still months away (if I’m lucky). I still practise handstands every morning by holding it against a wall, or in my case a huge window 😛 It helps to practise every morning because I can feel the progress I am making. I hold it longer and longer every day and sometime I don’t touch the wall/window behind me.

My very first headstand!

My very first headstand!

When I try hand stands away from the wall at the yoga studio, I feel more courageous and my fear of falling is gone, just from a simple 3 minute hand stand practice every morning.

I always have to stretch my shoulders and wrists before attempting hand stands, and you should ALWAYS remember to stretch, at least for 20 minutes before doing inversions and arm balancing.

In the above video is my main shoulder stretch, it really open up the shoulders and prepares them for the pressure and weight ahead.

The handstand is still something that seems so far away, but in the 4 months I have been practising, the improvement is there, and I can only hope for more in the next months to come! Below I show you how I have been improving my hold and core strength. Usually I kick up using my strongest leg which is my right leg. I tried to kick up using my left and it was SO weak that now I practise this neat prep stretch in the video below. I can safely kick up strongly from both legs and can really feel the muscles in my ab area pushing through.

My goal is to hold a free standing handstand for over 15 seconds comfortably by the end of the year.
Think I can make it?

The Seaweed Bath Co bath powder from Yogi Surprise

I was super excited to open my Yogi Surprise box this month, it’s like getting a box of toys every single time! This time I was happy to find a bath powder from The Seaweed Bath Co because I LOVE taking baths and especially after a long day at work or doing yoga, a bath can really help me relax and let go.

Doesn’t it look so cool!? I had to open it immediately and got a huge whiff of seaweed so if that’s your thing then this is for you. I’m not as huge of a fan of seaweed as my boyfriend but the smell subsided and it just smelled like the ocean, and I love the ocean. I am always trying new bath items like salts, powders and bombs. I believe changing it up a bit helps the skin and you get to experience something new every time which is fun!


Close up of Seaweed Bath Co Powder

You can see it looks like little crystals and is a lovely seaweed green. They select only the best hand-harvested, brown seaweed and enhance it with nourishing ingredients like Argan Oil which is revered worldwide for its moisturizing and soothing properties; it naturally comforts your skin.

It is also rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids, kukui oil, linoleic and linolenic acids – a potent natural moisturizer that helps soothe your irritated skin.

There is a slight scent of citrus that releases when you add it to the bath, but the seaweed smell still trumps that!

I had to do some bath tub yoga with my YogiSurprise Box and Seaweed bath powder, of course!

A couple of extra notes about Seaweed Bath Co, they are non-GMO verified. Vegan. Never tested on animals. 😀

I enjoyed this bath, it was calming and made me feel under the sea at the Caribbean!!  And I was so happy I got to try it from my April Yogi Surprise box!

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