Phair : BROGA at PeterPan Bistro

Of course when my friends Jonathan and Queenie Phair said they were teaching a YOGA + BRUNCH at a restaurant I had been dying to go to, I said YES immediately. Mostly because… food – but also mostly because I had done an hour of the Phair’s yoga sesh before and it was intense and a new experience for me! Anyone who has taken this class will know what I’m talking about. This one was the same, from the first ten minutes, they had us warming up our wrists in the hardest ways possible! We fully just jumped right into it doing high planks on the flip side of our hands, a warm up I will be using from now on because even though in the moment it hurt, they feel so much stronger the day after already and feel like they can handle a lot more impact!


We flowed to some amazing music, a more chill electronic style. It was amazing because there were a lot of familiar faces there including lovely Su and Mike, and also THE Brian bchanwarrior and lovely Arin who I had the chance to meet at the BYOGA community collective event! I brought my B-Mat which was perfect for this practice because it was a sweaty one. So many warrior flows, I sure felt the burn.



We did a little partner work too, supporting the others ankles while they are in a plank, teaching them to lift up into a handstand. My wrist were beat by this point to be honest but we all pushed through it because there was too much to learn and absorb in such little time! Also I just need to mention that Queenie and Jonathan are beasts and can do crow pushups – they just effortlessly float into handstand – GOALS for real!

We took a little savasana at the end and Su explained a little about her KEY Education project which is incredible and I will have to write more about it in another post but for now you can learn about it here


Then the smell of food started to waft in as the doors opened. I smelled potatoes. There were potatoes. And also the most amazing assortment of unique dishes like Shakshuka, Lebneh, Frittata, Latkes, French Toast – it just goes on – scones, quinoa salad – SO GOOD! I also had to have a Mimosa with Brunch because it was well deserved! We all sat down and ate, chatted, learned more about each other until it was time to go home!

Most people went home but I stayed behind with a few to take some photos in the beautiful PeterPan space. To say I wish this was my apartment couldn’t be more true. I would live there in a heart beat. My bf martin stopped by to say hi to everyone and snap a few pics of some extra stuffed yoga bellies before we all walked home together.



What a lovely event, I love when I get to connect with so many amazing people and we can all flow and eat in the same room! Can’t wait for the next!!!

A night to remember at B Yoga’s Community Collective

When B Yoga invites you to their first major event, you say yes. I am so happy I did have the chance to attend and practice with new and old faces. The event was a major success, as this warm practice was led by Sarah Leavens, Jonathan and Queenie Phair (Phair Yoga), and David Good. Mostly I was super excited to finally take one of the Phairs yoga classes, it was so much fun – especially when we all linked together for our Warrior flows!IMG_1676

There were so many wonderful vendors including My Inner Fie, Village Juicery, Flow Water, Kupfert and Kim, Gorp Bar, and Province Apothecary – all part of the goodies bag every one received from the event which included an amazing B Yoga towel made from Turkish Cotton! We all received hydrating FLOW water throughout the event and a yummy drink from The Village Juicery at the end of our savasana.

The music was unlike any other, the entire practice had music by DJ Carmelinda and the live serenade of local musician Matt Riggs. I must say this had to have been the best playlist I have ever heard during a practice. It just fit so well into the chill atmosphere throughout the Glass factory at 99 Sudbury (this space is gorgeous).

Brian, Su and I hanging out (Queenie in the background )

Brian, Su and I hanging out (Queenie in the background )

I love how events like this bring a local yoga community together, there were so many familiar faces like Brian @bchanwarrior and Su @schun who I had met from Instagram. We all had a blast and even got to strike a pose together before heading home. IMG_3148

What a night! I can’t wait for the next! Thank you so much Arin and B Yoga @byoganow



Easy peasy, yummy smoothie bowl!

I’ve got a confession. I hate breakfast. And as the most important meal of the day, I struggle to get the energy I need to start it off right. That’s where these delicious smoothie bowls come in, they are super nutritious, energy fueling and they look pretty awesome too!

My favourite combination of fruits is strawberries and bananas so those are a must in every one of my smoothie bowls! I usually start with those two as a base, and then add fruits as I find them in my fridge.


This particular morning I was feeling a bit adventurous so I added blueberries and grapes. The blueberries were great and broke up a lot in the blender, but the grapes are probably best served as a topping, the skin didn’t shred that much so there were a bunch of grape skins floating about (still tasty though!).

The best part comes after when you get to top it with all the extra fruit left over. This morning I used grapes, blackberries, and blueberries to snaz up my smoothie bowl. I sprinkled some of Stephano’s Dark Chocolate Raspberry Granola and a few mini dark chocolate chips, because, chocolate.

I love making these smoothie bowls! They are so quick to make and boost my energy levels after the first bite!

Magical Beaches Adventure with Nat Caine

I absolutely love when Instagram opens up new worlds of opportunities for me! The other day I had the pleasure of shooting with the talented Nat Caine! Her feed is full of bright and contrasted lifestyle photos from Toronto, and I was lucky enough to be included in those photos.


We really wanted to wake up early and catch the sunrise, something I still haven’t managed to do yet. And of course, it wouldn’t happen this time, but somehow she made a Toronto beach look like paradise early in the morning.


If you were actually here you would understand. The sand felt like glass and there was pigeon scum floating in the lake. But we found the perfect spots to practice and shoot, the water looks like it goes on for miles and miles.


I had to wake up and journey here so early in the morning, then head to work right after. Nat had come with very little sleep from a set she left at 3am that same morning. In the end, we both were troopers and produced one of my favourite shoots to date. I can’t stop looking at these photos for real! It’s like a dream that didn’t happen.


Check out the rest of Nats work, and her Instagram feed!