The Seaweed Bath Co bath powder from Yogi Surprise

I was super excited to open my Yogi Surprise box this month, it’s like getting a box of toys every single time! This time I was happy to find a bath powder from The Seaweed Bath Co because I LOVE taking baths and especially after a long day at work or doing yoga, a bath can really help me relax and let go.

Doesn’t it look so cool!? I had to open it immediately and got a huge whiff of seaweed so if that’s your thing then this is for you. I’m not as huge of a fan of seaweed as my boyfriend but the smell subsided and it just smelled like the ocean, and I love the ocean. I am always trying new bath items like salts, powders and bombs. I believe changing it up a bit helps the skin and you get to experience something new every time which is fun!


Close up of Seaweed Bath Co Powder

You can see it looks like little crystals and is a lovely seaweed green. They select only the best hand-harvested, brown seaweed and enhance it with nourishing ingredients like Argan Oil which is revered worldwide for its moisturizing and soothing properties; it naturally comforts your skin.

It is also rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids, kukui oil, linoleic and linolenic acids – a potent natural moisturizer that helps soothe your irritated skin.

There is a slight scent of citrus that releases when you add it to the bath, but the seaweed smell still trumps that!

I had to do some bath tub yoga with my YogiSurprise Box and Seaweed bath powder, of course!

A couple of extra notes about Seaweed Bath Co, they are non-GMO verified. Vegan. Never tested on animals. 😀

I enjoyed this bath, it was calming and made me feel under the sea at the Caribbean!!  And I was so happy I got to try it from my April Yogi Surprise box!

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