Magical Beaches Adventure with Nat Caine

I absolutely love when Instagram opens up new worlds of opportunities for me! The other day I had the pleasure of shooting with the talented Nat Caine! Her feed is full of bright and contrasted lifestyle photos from Toronto, and I was lucky enough to be included in those photos.


We really wanted to wake up early and catch the sunrise, something I still haven’t managed to do yet. And of course, it wouldn’t happen this time, but somehow she made a Toronto beach look like paradise early in the morning.


If you were actually here you would understand. The sand felt like glass and there was pigeon scum floating in the lake. But we found the perfect spots to practice and shoot, the water looks like it goes on for miles and miles.


I had to wake up and journey here so early in the morning, then head to work right after. Nat had come with very little sleep from a set she left at 3am that same morning. In the end, we both were troopers and produced one of my favourite shoots to date. I can’t stop looking at these photos for real! It’s like a dream that didn’t happen.


Check out the rest of Nats work, and her Instagram feed!