Bunnies and ZEN

As a newbie to yoga, I seem to be missing a lot of accessories, props and gear that I need to help with asanas or problems like SWEATY PALMS! I entered a giveaway on Instagram for Bunnies and Zen Yoga Accessories to win a new yoga towel, and by surprise I won! It really is incredible that I did because I have been eyeing this yoga towel for a while, there are such cute designs!

This is a fun loving company full of bright ideas and designs, which is what attracted me to them in the first place. I received my yoga towel in the mail after learning I won, and it came with the cutest origami bunny (pictured in the photo above), which I thought was a nice touch.

After feeling the towel for the first time, it felt really silky, but not a slippery kind of silky because the texture is a bit rough in a way. This had me hopeful for an actual NON SLIP yoga towel because I have felt some that were just too silky and soft and no matter what, it would always be slippery. After laying it out on the floor and playing around for a few minutes, the familiar sweaty palms started to kick in. What amazes me with this towel is the sweatier my hands got, the more grip the towel had.

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Playing around with some split variations and forearm stands on my new Bunnies and Zen yoga towel!

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Overall this yoga towel is incredible, and with so many designs to choose from that aren’t your typical lotus flowers and rainbows style. I’m so happy I received this towel and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a truly absorbent, no-slip yoga towel.

Check out Bunnies and Zen online or @bunniesandzen_yoga_accessories on Instagram <3