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Brooklinen – best bedding ever!

I’m just going to start off by saying, I have been searching long, far are hard for bedding like this and I just couldn’t find it. When I stumbled across Brooklinen I immediately knew these were the sheets for me! It’s so hard to find quality materials in bedding but also modern and simple designs. It […]

New life changes with YTT

Isn’t it funny how different life can be in only 3 years? For me it’s totally different – a new lifestyle, new goals, new career changes, and it all has been slightly terrifying I must admit. Sitting at my computer working full time building website after website, I thought that was what I wanted to do forever. […]

Recharging with Pranamat ECO

After practicing intermediate bends quite frequently through the week my muscles and body get quite sore and stiff. I love to roll out my muscles on a cork roller first and then use my Pranamat ECO, which is a therapeutic massage mat with tiny little lotus shaped points that activate fatigued or tense areas of […]